Your start-the-week round-up

Plenty of breaking news over the weekend! Here are all the links you need

A bunch of interesting SF developments for your Monday morning browsing. Get a coffee and follow these stories:

Geek hero Kevin Smith is in line to direct an episode of the forthcoming Heroes: Origins, the spin-off mini-series from NBC and BBC2’s popular show. Link to SCI FI Wire here and SFX's own mention yesterday, here .

Digital Spy (via SyFyPortal, link here ) report Russell T Davies as saying that Martha Jones will not be party to any sex or swearing when she appears in Torchwood. "You have to respect the fact that she is still a Doctor Who character… there will be kids watching."

Meanwhile, Joss Whedon told Comic-Con goers that he is considering working on the Buffy spin-off Ripper next year (thanks to Whedonesque via SyFyPortal, link here ).

Plans are afoot to remaster The Next Generation in the same way that The Original Series was poshed up. Link here .

Plenty of game-related cosplay at Comic-Con, with folk dressing up as, amongst other things, LEGO Star Wars characters. Links here and here .

More Comic-Con news in issue 161 of SFX. Have a good Monday!


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