Heroes season two now in production

By the time you read this, Volume Two of Heroes will have begun filming. Hayden Panettiere, everyone’s favourite indestructible cheerleader, revealed the show went back into production yesterday, on 19 June.

In a panel at the at Philadelphia Wizard World a few days ago, Hayden revealed, "I may get [a boyfriend] in the second season. I was like [to the writers], 'Dudes, OK! That's it! Everyone else on the show has a love interest, and I don't get one?’ I killed my first one ... unfortunately."

All good stuff, then. However, it appears that it’s not just the fans who are begging for more superpowered fun. “People ask if it's fabulous to be on a little break for hiatus and getting some time off, but every single actor cannot wait to get back to the show. It's more stressful not being on the show than being there every single day, all day long."

Excellent. Roll on Autumn.

Story via SCI FI . Researched by Adam Mason for SFX.