Villains are on the rise in Gotham season 2 trailer

Fox has unveiled a new trailer for the second season of Batman prequel series, Gotham, with Jim Gordon’s job set to get a whole lot harder thanks to an influx of new villains into the titular city. The new trailer is fairly brief, although it does give us a quick look at James Frain’s chief antagonist Theo Galavan, as well as his sister Tabitha (better known as the supervillain, Tigress), played here by Jessica Lucas. Never a dull moment in the GCPD…

Check out the new trailer, below…

The first season is a little hit and miss in places, with some storylines and villains working out better than others. That said, it certainly gets into its stride towards the back end of the run, and this latest trailer promises to continue down a similarly dark road… Starring the returning Ben McKenzie, Gotham will premiere on September 21, 2015.

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