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Ultimate Superman The Results

The greatest live-action Superman series ever, as dictated by you!

Last week we asked you to vote for your favourite live-action Superman (or boy), Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen and Supergirl. We’ve collated the results and can now proudly present the greatest live-action Superman cast of all time as demanded by you!

Blimey, no Kristen Kreuk from Smallville ? She should be especially peeved since Smallville fans seemed to get themselves organised in most others sections. We’re really pleased to see the late, great Lane Smith in there, though – even though Lois and Clark wasn’t the greatest of series, his Perry White was awesome, and it’s a well-deserved win (and it was a landslide, as well).

Just for your info, Superman Return ’s Kate Bosworth came second last in the Lois Lane vote, only two votes ahaead of Phyllis Coates (from the ’50s TV series) and behind Noell Neill (from the same show) which proves not all the votes went to the more recent films and shows.

The full Superman list in order was: Christopher Reeve, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain, George Reeves, Gerard Christopher, Kirk Alyn then John Haymes Newton who got NO VOTES AT ALL (which with around 5,000 voters taking part in total is some achievement).