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Treks Yelchin To Star In Fright Night Remake

Chekov actor will play the teen who believes his neighbour is a vampire

The original, Tom Holland-directed, low-budget 1985 horror flick has become a bit of a cult classic. In the film, a teenage boy, Charley Brewster, becomes convinced that a vampire has moved in next door, and turns to the host of horror TV show to help him deal with the fanged killer.

Yelchin will play Brewster in the remake which is being directed by Craig ( Lars and the Real Girl ) Gillespie, from a script by former Buffy The Vampire Slayer executive producer Marti Noxon. No new yet on who will be playing the other two iconic characters from the film – the suave, 1,000-year-old vampire Jerry Dandridge, and the TV host Peter Vincent, played respectively by Chris Sarandon and Roddy McDowall in the original. Well, Jonathan Ross is looking for a job now (we’re thinking the TV host role, not the vampire). But hey, Russell Brand could be the vampire…