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Top 10 SFX Spine Quotes

Brian Blessed, Tom Baker, James Marsters - the best ever celebrity quotes to have appeared in 200 issues of SFX

Every month in SFX we pull out one of the most amusing, surreal or insightful quotations from an interview to put on the spine of the magazine.

Here are 10 of our favourites, for your nostalgic pleasure:

SFX 193 cover

“I had foul, foul smelling feet, athlete’s foot and god knows what else”
James Purefoy
Issue 193

“I love dwarfs; they’re the happiest people in the world”
Brian Blessed
Issue 166

“The nipples are bloody stiff as radio knobs”
Tom Baker
Issue 152

“Aragorn is the arse of the movie. Really tight, tight arse in his leather trousers”
Billy Boyd
Issue 125

“If a porn movie is longer than ten seconds I lose interest”
Eli Roth
Issue 116

“You see two elephants’ bums and then me”
Ewan McGregor
Issue 113

“When it’s black, that’s when you go to the doctor”
James Marsters
Issue 108

“Naked International Junior High School Girls’ Volleyball; I wish it existed”
Paul Donovan
Issue 50

“I believe I can play a black, pregnant woman, so leave me alone”
Kevin Sorbo
Issue 31

“I had to drink a LOT of beer to get the feel of Tank Girl”
Lori Petty
Issue 1

There are another 10 of these in the magazine this issue, page 46 (issue 200). Check 'em out and let us know your favourite!