Today's Hot Tip For Spidey Reboot Director

Day three of the big Spidey Speculatathon and Quiet Earth , a site that can be pretty accurate in its rumourmongering, is pinning its colours on Nimród Antal as the new director for the Spider-Man franchise.

Nimrod who? Well, he's the director Predators, currently in production, and also directed Armored, which was produced by Sam Raimi. The site reckons: "Sam Raimi met Nimrod on the Sony lot before his first US film, Vacancy. They clicked, so Sam hired him to direct Armored. Now, Predators is getting some great word-of-mouth around Tinsel-Town. Warners loves it and now Sam Raimi and Sony want the director back at the studio to helm Spider-Man."

Hmmm, surely the most surprising thing in that quote is that Predators is getting good word of mouth? Anyway, expect another hot tip by, oh, let's see… lunchtime?

Hey, maybe we can get in the act?

We heard from a guy down the pub, whose ex-girlfriend works with someone who's vaguely related to a bloke who worked as waiter in a London restaurant where Michael Winner was reviewing the foie gras that Winner was wearing a tie-pin in the shape of the spider web… What else could it mean? It’s obviously him, isn’t it?

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