Time Jumper iPhone App

Rebellious college student Terry Dixon owns the Articulus, a time travel device developed by his genius father, which he uses to chase terrorist Charity Vyle through Earth's history on behalf of crime fighting organization HUNT. If that sounds like the set-up to a new cartoon series that's because it sort of is - actually an online motion comic created by Stan Lee himself, in partnership with Disney. Couple of big names, there. Their project is called Time Jumper .

Not to be confused with the 1980 novel written by William Greenleaf, it's available on iTunes (the second episode is released next Tuesday) and features the voices of Lee himself plus Natasha "Species" Henstridge.

To compliment the series, Stan Lee and the Disney crew have released a free Time Jumper iPhone App, which enables fans to view episode one in its entirety as well as tinker with a number of fun settings. A personal narration from Stan Lee explains what Time Jumper is all about then lets you take a picture of yourself, convert it into a comic strip image and upload it to Facebook. It also contains behind-the-scenes storyboard information about how they designed the series, plus grants you access to HUNT's "recruitment website".

To download the Time Jumper iPhone App just visit iTunes .

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