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The Prisoner Teaser Trailer

AMC has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming reboot of The Prisoner, starring Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel. And it looks worryingly… meh.

Okay, it’s a teaser. They're not supposed to give much away. Maybe if Doctor Who hadn’t just done the whole "bus in a desert" schtick Ian McKellen sitting on the Number Two (presumably) from Tooting might be more intriguing. But the brief glimpse of The Village (despite the triangle houses) makes it look like Wisteria Lane. Is the show going to be a metaphor for escaping the Hell that is suburbia?

Still, McKellen looks the part and there's a good bit with Number Six with a grenade stuck in his gob. And is that a funeral we see at one point? Or just Patrick McGoohan spinning in his grave?

"Be seeing you?" Well, only if the trailers improve. It's a great concept, ripe for an update. Don't let us down.

The Prisoner Promo