The Green Man

Sometimes a piece of casting news comes so far out of leftfield that it hits you with the force of a moody green, gamma ray-impregnated monster. I mean, who’d have thought Edward Norton would sign up to play the Hulk? Next thing we know, Robert Downey Jr will be starring in Iron Man ...

But, according to Variety , Norton is stepping into Eric Bana’s overstretched shoes to play Bruce Banner in next summer’s sequel The Incredible Hulk . It’s a rare venture into the mainstream for Norton, who’s always liked to showcase his acting chops in edgy material. Still, Fight Club should have given him plenty of experience for playing a troubled loner with a dangerous alter-ego.

"Edward Norton is a rare talent and one of the most versatile actors in the business," said Marvel Studios mouthpiece Kevin Feige. "His ability to transform into a particular role makes him the ideal choice to take on the character of Bruce Banner and the Hulk.” Transporter 2 and Unleashed director Louis Leterrier will slide into the director’s chair occupied by Ang Lee on the first movie when shooting starts this summer. The Incredible Hulk is due for release in June 2008.

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