UPDATED! Terra Nova Loses One Of Its Main Writers

Former Whedonverse mainstay David Fury has reportedly left the Spielberg dino-TV series

Writer/producer David ( Buffy / 24 ) Fury has left the Terra Nova production team, according to The Hollywood Reporter. apparently because of creative differences with the series’ other main showrunner Brannon ( Star Trek: Voyager ) Braga.

We’ll pause there to let you think what we’ve been thinking: the show’s lost the wrong writer. You can’t help but feel slightly less excited about the “modern family travel back in time to the era of dinosaurs” show knowing it’s now mainly in the hands of the guy who wrote so many dodgy time travel episodes for Trek . Is this the sign of endless “anomalies” to come?

Terra Nova seems to be going through a painful birth, with its series premiere recently pushed back to autumn 2011 (though with a “pilot preview” in May apparently). Cross fingers it’ll all come out okay in the end. It’d make a change to have a successful telefantasy come out of the States these days that doesn’t involve vampires.

UPDATE: According to Deadline New York , Avatar baddie, Stephen Lang is close to signing up to appear as one of the regular characters on Terra Nova .

Dave Golder
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