Survivors Cast Announced

A trio of former Who actors – Freema Agyeman (Martha), Shaun Dingwall (Rose‘s dad from “Father’s Day”, “Rise of the Cybermen” and “Age of Steel”) and Paterson Jospeh (from “Bad Wolf”, as well as Neverwhere, Hyperdrive and Jekyll) – have all been cast in the BBC’s remake of 1970s series, Survivors.

They join Julie Graham (fresh from Life on Mars creator Matthew Graham’s new series Bonehunters but best known for the comedies William and Mary and Meet the Braithwaites), Max Beesley (Hotel Babylon) and Phillip Rhys (24, Nip/Tuck) in the show about surviving in the aftermath of a disease that has killed off most of humanity.

"Survivors is about what it means to be human," says writer and executive producer Adrian Hodges (of Primeval fame). "It asks questions about our nature and confronts us with our deepest fears. When everything else is stripped away, would we band together and find the best in ourselves, or would we fall apart and retreat into barbarism and savagery?

"Survivors is about adventure, fear, love, loyalty and friendship. But above all, it's about new hope."

You can find out more about the BBC’s remake of Survivors in’s exclusive interview with executive producer Kate Harwood.