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Spider-Man 4 Villain Being Carefully Chosen

Shooting may be rumoured to be commencing early next year, but if we’re to believe director Sam Raimi (and to be honest, we don’t), he still doesn’t know who the villain is. Instead, he teasingly told

"What we're trying to do right now is really understand the journey Peter is going to go on this time and have the villain maybe be a counter to that growth, something that he has to overcome. Or maybe he has to grow in a way to overcome the villain, because there always seem to be stories of coming of age, of a young man growing up and learning things about life. We're trying to choose a villain based on who would be the proper counter to that growth, so we really have dramatic conflict."

Good grief. And we thought it was just about pinning a load of Spidey villains on the wall and throwing darts at them. Who could Raimi have in mind? Ruthless Corporate Ladder Climbing Man? Dr DIY Disaster? The Mortgage Mangler? Captain Credit Crunch? What’s wrong with the Vulture?