Smallville's Lois Lane As The New Wonder Woman Sort Of

Erica Durance squeezes into the star-spangled pants recently vacated by Adrianne Palicki

Looks like TV producer David E Kelley may not have failed in his attempt to get a new version of Wonder Woman on the screen after all, though Adrianne Palicki has been replaced by Smallville ’s Lois Lane, Erica Durance…

These are actually a couple of publicity shots from an upcoming episode of Kelley’s current hit Harry’s Law , in which Durance guest stars as Annie Bilson a mentally disturbed woman who believes she really is Wonder Woman, to the extent that she engages in some vigilante activities that require her to get legal help from the lawyers on the show.

Although no-one from the show has confirmed it yet, certainly looks like one of the costumes Palicki wore in the unbroadcast Wonder Woman pilot. Well, waste not, want not.

Durance tells TVLine , “I will say this: There’s a whole difference to being ready to wear Underoos and being ready to wear a pair of pants that are slim-fitting. I am grateful that I am wearing the pants. And I like the new costume.”

To be honest, we preferred the costume she wore in Smallville (pictured at the bottom).

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