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Sam Mendes Will Still Direct Bond 23, says Mail

He was connected to the project before MGM’s financial turmoil, and The Daily Mail hears from his wife Kate Winslet that he’s still on board

But Winslet – who separated from Mendes last year, but remains on friendly terms with him – tells The Mail , that she and their children will be moving to London when he starts work on the film, possibly at the end of next year. “Sam is doing the next Bond film, all being well, and we’ll all be in England if that happens,” she says. “It’s such a massive commitment for him and it’s not fair for him to commute backwards and forwards to New York from London. It would be impossible. The children will be there with me.”

However, she denies that Mendes has found a role for her in the film. Daniel Craig is still expected to star as James Bond.