Robopocalypse. Be honest, you didn’t read it right the first time, did you? And if this films keeps that title, expect some poor T4 presenters to get all tongue-tied when it comes to the promotional merry-go-round. “Robot-pock-lips… Er… Robo-pocket-less… Er… Robots-apoplexy… Oh, bugger this, let’s go to a Beyoncé video.”

We suspect there may be a name change.

Anyway, Robopocalypse (mental note – insert into spellchecker) is a new script by Daniel H Wilson that has been picked up by Dreamworks. According to The Hollywood Reporter , it “explores the fate of the human race after a robot uprising", which may just sound like Terminator all over again, but Wilson, who has a PhD in robotics (and is author of the 2005 book How To Survive A Robot Uprising: Tips On Defending Yourself Against The Coming Rebellion) has grounded his tale with a heavy degree of authenticity derived from real robot technology.

"Daniel H Wilson's cautionary tale of man versus machine grabbed us from the very beginning," says Dreamworks co-president of production Mark Sourian. "Wilson's background in robotics and artificial intelligence grounds his story with a frightening level of realism."

So they don’t transform into Chevys, then…

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