Read 2000AD writer's new novel for free!

Those of who you are 2000AD fans - or know your comics - will probably know the name of writer Simon Spurrier. Well, Simon's now got his debut novel coming out, and publishers Headline are not only producing a standard hardback version you can buy and keep, but are also publishing the whole thing online first - for free!

Contract is the name of the book, which has been described as "Chuck Palahniuk meets crime and the supernatural". It tells the story of Michael Point, a ruthless hitman who's bewildered to find that his victims are coming back to life, meaning he has to kill them twice! That's just not fair, is it?

Our reviewer was impressed, writing: "If you’re itching for an unflinching, inventive, (disturbingly) well-researched stab at British crime fiction with a horrific twist, Contract will most certainly satisfy your faintly unnatural lusts."

Headline are publishing the book online in six instalments, and the first is now live. To read it, visit