Photoshop Challenge: Get Loki

Everybody's enjoying this month's SFX editor's picture - we want to see what you can do with the image too!


Every month in SFX , the editor's picture is created specially to celebrate the theme of the issue. This time we're gearing up for Thor: The Dark World so the Ed Zone pic was this beauty...

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We're pretty confident that Tom Hiddleston fans around the world got a kick out of it, as evidenced by a scan of this picture getting rather a lot of interest on Tumblr . More than one individual expressed their envy - what fan wouldn't like to be snuggled up like this as Loki reads them a bedtime story?

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Well, here's your chance. This is the original, unedited image . Go wild. We'd love to see what you do with it. Recreate this picture if you like (so cute!) or Photoshop yourself into the picture doing whatever you like - um, keep it clean - then send us a link to it. Twitter or email are fine. If we like what we see we'll showcase the best ones here and link back to your Tumblr, blog, Twitter feed or whatever. Let the games begin!

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