Outland Remake Underway

Outland, the 1981 Sean Connery western in space (dubbed High Moon at the time) is set for the remake treatment, according to Variety .

The original itself was pretty much a remake of High Noon, just set in space instead – in a mining colony on one of Jupiter's moons, Io. Written and directed by Peter (2010) Hyams, it’s mainly remembered for some very silly expanding-head effects when people are exposed to Io's atmosphere (clearly an inspiration for Total Recall).

Warner Bros has signed up Shoot ’Em Up helmer Michael Davis to direct the new version, from a script by Chad (The Days Before) St John.

"We loved the original sci-fi film with Sean Connery," says producer Gianni Nunnari. "At its core, Outland is a version of High Noon in outer space, as two courageous people take a stand against a gang of ruthless conspirators at the highest level."

Michael Davis adds, "We're staying true to the thematic heart of Outland while expanding the space frontier concept." But will they be expanding any heads?

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