New Supergirl teaser brings the action

CBS has unveiled a new teaser trailer for Supergirl and it goes big on action, with Kara Zor-El stopping bullets, absorbing explosions and generally getting her badass on.

If the first full trailer came in for a good deal of stick thanks to its unfortunate similarities to the Black Widow SNL spoof, this latest teaser goes all out to establish Kara as a hero to be reckoned with. Kicking a bad guy into an exploding truck? All in a day's work for Supergirl.

Check it out, below…

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We can't help but root for Supergirl, even if that first trailer was a little misjudged. In a world where female superheroes are a distinct rarity, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed that CBS gives Kara every opportunity to find her audience. We'll be able to see how she gets on when the show premieres on 26 October 2015.

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