Net Surfer

While the first Fantastic Four movie earned Fox a pile of cash big enough to make cosmic planet muncher Galactus happy, it left an empty feeling in the stomachs of many critics and comic book fans. The new trailer for sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer, however, is going to make even the most die-hard opponents of the quartet’s first big screen outing a teeny bit curious.

Now that Marvel’s first superhero family are all established and comfortable with their powers, they’re getting the chance to do some genuine world-saving when the Silver Surfer comes a calling, bringing with him all manner of bizarre phenomena (a giant sinkhole in the River Thames being one of the most impressive). In the new ad, we get to hear the Surfer talking with Laurence Fishburne’s voice, see Sue Storm take time out from her wedding to get forcefieldy with a helicopter and (best of all) watchthe Thing and the Human Torch switch powers (it’s down to the Surfer affecting their molecules, apparently). Enough, in fact, to make the disappointments of the first film go the way of the Invisible Woman.

Fingers crossed for the movie’s release on 15 June. See the trailer over at
Apple .