Mickey Rourke To Play Conan's Dad?

Could cinema's most successful mumbler go straight from Whiplash in Iron Man 2 to Barbarian King in Conan ?

Mickey (The Wrestler) Rourke's career resurrection continues, with new from Heat Vision Blog that he's in talks to appear as Conan's dad in the Marcus Nispel-directed big screen version of Robert E Howard's barbarian hero. According to the article, "Rourke, who had been tipped off to play the father by website Latino Review in January, was offered the role, but dealmaking fell apart. The two sides came back to the table in the last couple of weeks." While shooting is due to commence in March, it seem that the film is also undergoing a last minute rewrite. SuperheroHpye reports that Sean Hood has been hired to provide a further draft of the script. Hood is clearly familiar with the territory, having written a Hercules script for the same producers, Joe Gatta and Boaz Davidson, who will focus on Hercules once Conan is finished. Hood also worked with Marcus Nispel on the script for the sci-fi thriller Subterranean, which may begin shooting later this year

Dave Golder
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