Mego Star Trek toys

Today we're very excited about the fact that Diamond Select are bringing out a range of action figures which are faithful reproductions of the Star Trek toys first released in the '70s. Nick's particularly happy, because he has a harrowing childhood tale of saving up his pennies for a Dr McCoy, only to find it had sold out when he got to the shop. Finally, that scar can be healed...

When it comes to action figures , the kind of thing you get nowadays - super-accurate fascimiles designed for exacting adult geeks - are all well and good, but we have a soft spot for collectables that look like they were made for kids. There's something charming about the way the Mego dolls put their own unique spin on the look of Trek.

Watch this old ad , then check out the excellent
Mego Museum website , which has lots of pictures of the original toys, some of which vary from their screen counterparts in bizarre ways. Check out the Mugato doll, who for some reason is dressed like a member of Funkadelic! And you've got to admire the nerve of their so-called "Gorn" figure - an early example of recycling in action, it's entirely made up of bits and pieces of other Mego dolls!