Lost's Last Supper

Two new promo pics for the final season of Lost which have a Last Supper theme have been released. As ABC has decided to release no actual stills from the show's sixth season (because, intriguingly, they feel any still from an actual episode would be too much of a spoiler) do these promo pics contain any clues about what's going to happen? Of course, we've already had a resurrection (Locke) but could one of the characters also be a Judas? Sayid is in about the right position but he's not holding onto a bag of silver. Are the others going to become disciples of some sort? Or are we just reading too much into it, and it just "last" supper as in "last" season? What do you make of it all?

The sixth and final season of Lost premieres in the States on Tuesday, February 2nd.

Click in the images for larger versions.

Oh, and didn't Battlestar Galactica do exactly the same thing (but better, we reckon) a couple of years back?

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