Logan Runs Again

Logan’s Run author William F Nolan admits in an interview with Comic Book Resourses that one of the reasons he gave Bluewater the rights to publish it was the try to encourage Warner Brothers and producer Joel Silver to get a move on with the long-delayed movie remake.

“It's been about 12 years now [that we've been trying to make this movie], it's incredible,” says Nolan. “There have been seven different writers and four different directors assigned to Logan's Run… When I got a chance to license the material with Bluewater right here in Vancouver [Washington], I jumped at the chance because I want to re-energize Logan's Run so Warner Bros and Joel Silver can bring the film out and Logan can run again.”

Bluewater Productions announced that it will be adapting Nolan's novel as an ongoing comic book series, titled Logan's Run: Lastday, written by Paul J Salamoff with art by Daniel Gete. The series, the third Logan's Run comic after a late-’70s run at Marvel and two miniseries from Malibu Comics, will debut in late 2009. Comic Book Resources has lots of exclusive images and designs from the comic.

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