Kirsten Dunst says Raimi needs a rest

At the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, Kirsten Dunst has been poo-pooing the idea of making a fourth Spidey movie any time soon, despite the fact that Sony are keen as Colmans.

"Well, I think Sam [Raimi] has dedicated so much of his life, like more than 10 years, to the Spider-Man franchise with so much passion and love, the man is burnt out at this time. I think he needs a long vacation to put his creativity towards something else, and then maybe we'll revisit it... I would just say no for Sam's sake so that he can have a break. We would all do it together, because Sam, Tobey and I are a team now, but there's no way it's going to happen very soon. I just can't imagine that."

Y'know what? She's right. We'd like to see Sam have a nice lie down, maybe surrounded by girls in bikinis giving him backrubs and peeling him grapes. Go on Sam - you deserve it, fella.