K9 Series Website

A production website for the K9 series being made in Australia has gone live, giving some tantalising hints of what the show might be like. Although light on pictures of the metal mutt himself – and even lighter on details about the show – there are loads of photos of locations and sets being built. Although one location is identified as Sherwood Forest, we don’t reckon this means there’s a Robin Hood episode, because there is, in fact a Sherwood Forest in Australia as well. No sign of any gravel pits, but it looks like there might be a story set in natural history museum.

A set of photos posted a few days ago is titled “Three weeks to go”, so it looks like filming is imminent. These include a robot head of some sort (above) and sketches of some lizardy-fishy creatures (below), so it looks like the show will be full-on SF. One of the sets is named "Griffiths’ lab”. Who’s Griffith?

Seems like this show may be a bigger deal than we were all expecting. But the design of K9 - who'll allegedly be realised in CGi – still looks a bit naff, if you ask us.