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JJ Abrams Teases Clever Fringe Episode

It references something from the show’s past in an ingenious way, says the überproducer – ONLY MILD SPOILERS

JJ Abrams has told TVLine that an upcoming episode of Fringe will reference something surprising from the show’s past “in such a huge way.” He continues, “We’re using something that is already within the Fringe universe and it is so cleverly done.”

Although he doesn’t reveal what that piece of Fringe mythology might be, he does confirm that it’s from season one of the show. “It doesn’t mean you need to have seen that episode to understand what’s going on, but it just makes it extra special for those who have seen it,” he assures us.

So, any ideas? Please post them below!

Oh, and the image? That Fox’s new billboard campaign to make sure nobody forgets that Fringe is moving to Fridays.