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Want to see yourself immortalised in the oh so slinky pages of SFX ? Now's your chance!

We're launching a new section in Post Apocalypse, our regular round-up of readers' letters. It's called Hot Topic, and it's a way for us to take the pulse of Planet SFX on one of the burning issues of geekdom.

THIS MONTH: We want to know your opinions on Kickstarter – the funding platform for creative projects – in the light of a Veronica Mars movie being successfully funded using the service.

Is it a good thing? Could it shape the future of cinema? What films or TV would you like to see Kickstarted? Would something like Dredd 2 be perfect for it – something that didn’t find a wide audience but was loved by a few? Is this democracy in action or Hollywood being let off the hook? Send your thoughts to us at:


Make sure you mark your email HOT TOPIC KICKSTARTER in the subject header.

Alternatively, you could Tweet us @sfxmagazine , using the hashtag #sfxhottopic

We'll print the best responses in SFX 235, on sale 1 May, instantly conferring almost godlike powers on those lucky enough to be chosen.

Of course, if you want to write to us about anything else, that's good too. Same email addy.

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