HBO has had preliminary discussions over a Deadwood movie

Fans of HBO’s critically acclaimed Western series, Deadwood, might have something to start getting excited about, with rumours circulating that the network might be reinvestigating the possibility of a movie version of the much-loved show.

Prematurely cancelled after the inconclusive end of its third season, it was initially suggested that creator David Milch tie up all loose ends in a 6-part mini series. Milch turned that proposal down, eventually settling on an agreement to complete the story across two feature films. Sadly, those films never materialised, leaving the narrative unfinished, and fans distraught.

However, cast member Garret Dillahunt set tongues wagging yesterday by tweeting that “I’m hearing credible rumours about a #Deadwood movie. #everybodypray.” He followed that up with a direct appeal to HBO, reasoning that since they made the Entourage movie, the least they could do was to serve up some closure to Deadwood fans.

Not that fans should get too carried away just yet. Deadlinecontacted HBO to clarify Dillahunt’s comments and received the answer that, “there have only been very preliminary conversations”. Still, at least the topic is still on the table. We’ll be keeping our fingers firmly crossed…

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George Wales

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