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Get Your Tatts Out - The Winner

And the winner of the first ever SFX Get Your Tatts Out competition is:

Dave Phillips with this incredibly intricate Transformers design, which is a darn site more impressive than the bionic arm stickers they gave away with issue one of 2000AD (and a bit more permanent.

Congrats Dave, you are now the proud owner of Miami Ink and LA Ink DVDs from Revelation.

As we mentioned before, just because the official competition is over doesn't mean we don't want to see more of your SF and fantasy tattoos. In fact, we only just received this subtle little number from Vincent Usher – the Stargate Chevron for Earth:

So, keep ’em coming! Email your pics of your tattoo to us at , and if there’s a story behind why you got yours done, we'd love to hear that too. Just stick "Tattoo" in your email subject title so we can spot them easily in our clogged-up our mail box.