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George RR Martin To Write For Thrones TV Show

A Game Of Thrones author to turn scriptwriter. Again.

George RR Martin will be writing one of the scripts for the HBO TV series based on his own fantasy book, A Game Of Thrones .

HBO has just released the names of the writers for the first series of the adaptation, described as “ The Sopranos with swords”, and the most exciting inclusion on the list must be Martin himself. Although it’s not like he doesn’t have the experience – he has previously worked as a scriptwriter for shows such as Beauty And The Beast and The Twilight Zone . He’s also on board the new show as an executive producer, leading to the expectation that he would write a script for it, but this has now been confirmed.

Other writers for the show include the very-respected Jane Espenson ( Battlestar Galactica , Buffy ) who will write the sixth episode, and Bryan Cogman, a script coordinator for the show, who'll pen the fourth episode. The rest of the 10-episode first season will be written by David Benioff and DB Weiss, the team who scripted the pilot.

So, who’s going to be the first person to post, “I just wish he’d get on with writing the next bloody book,” in the comments section?