First new pic of Tennant and Tate

We know there's no-one in the world of SF that you lot love more than Catherine Tate (except maybe Uwe Boll), so we bet you'll be delighted to see the first shot of the new team-up for season four.

Donna looks kinda glam in a Sarah Jane way here, doesn't she? And calm. Reflective. Wiser. Like maybe she's gone to a few anger management classes since she last met the Doctor, and no longer feeds the need to keep bellowing. We're crossing all our fingers and toes.

More bullet-points of Who news:
* In the first episode of season four, Donna tracks the Doctor down "during an alien emergency in modern-day London".
* As teased at the end of "Last of the Time Lords", the Doctor and Donna will be meeting Agatha Christie.
* Christie will be played by Fenella Woolgar, who was recently one of the lesbian detectives in Jekyll. You know, the one who wasn't her off Goodness Gracious Me.
* This episode will also feature Felicity Kendall as Lady Clemency Eddison.
* Tim McInnerny (Percy in Black Adder) will be in another episode, later in the series. We'd like to see him as a chinless UNIT officer who says "righto, Doctor!" a lot. But that's just our fantasy.

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