First teaser for Robert Kirkman's Outcast

Robert Kirkman is taking a step away from the shuffling hordes on The Walking Dead to bring us a new brand of small screen body horror. Based on the comic he co-created with artist Paul Azaceta, Outcast isn't so much about the dead walking the Earth as demons walking the Earth inside people -- it's a possession tale.

Patrick Fugit stars as Kyle Barnes, a man who's endured a hellish life watching his loved ones get commandeered by demons. Barnes goes into hiding, cutting himself off from the world, in order to stop anyone else becoming victimised. In this first sneak peek, unveiled at Comic-Con, his attempts to deal with his predicament don't go quite to plan. Check it out below...

The first teaser clocks in at 60 seconds, so the main aim here isn't a plot rundown - instead a demonstration of the show's style. Which appears to be an unnerving riff on exorcism lore. And while there's not a ton of grisly shots of spirits being yanked from their hosts, the sight of a levitating body provides plenty of heebie jeebies. We'll find out more when Outcast debuts on Cinemax in 2016.

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Gem Seddon

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