David Fincher and James Ellroy to collaborate on 1950s noir TV show

In what sounds like a mouth-watering creative collaboration, David Fincher and James Ellroy are reportedly teaming up on a new TV show they are currently pitching to HBO.

According to The Playlist , the pair have come up with a 1950’s crime saga set in LA, and are currently in advanced talks with the studio over the possibility of getting it made.

This isn’t the first time that Fincher has been linked to Ellroy’s work, with the director initially attached to the adaptation of The Black Dahlia before his version of the project fell through.

Ellroy even supplied a commentary track on the director’s cut of Zodiac , back in 2007, so the pair have been on each others’ radar for quite some time now.

It seems like Fincher’s moody, murky style would be perfectly suited to Ellroy’s noirish crime tales, and HBO would be the ideal home for any such team-up, so we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that this one comes to fruition…

George Wales

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