Damon Lindelof To Produce Mysterious New SF Film 1952

Lost showrunner makes a deal with Disney for a major new multi-media franchise

Damon Lindelof, best know for showrunning Lost for six seasons with Carlton Cuse, has signed a deal with Disney to write and produce a new SF film with the working title, 1952.

Other than that, reports Deadline , very little is know about the project other than it, “isn’t just being conceived for movies only, but that it has multiple platform aspirations.” It’s not even clear if the working title is necessarily a date. The only kind of SF related event we can connect with that year is a flurry of UFO sightings and the creation of Project Blue Book . But that could just be us putting two and two together and coming up with Area 51.

Since Lost finished, Lindelof has been a busy man, working on Cowboys & Aliens and Ridley Scott’s Prometheus as well as the Star Trek sequel, work on which he is expected to complete before beginning work in earnest on 1952 .

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

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