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Da Vinci's Demons: New Images

Da Vinci’s Demons , the new TV series created by The Dark Knight Rises trilogy scripter David S Goyer the reveals the secret history of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci, starts airing in the UK on Fox later in the spring. Fox has provided us with some great new images from the show, including some behind-the-scenes shots showing Goyer directing the show’s star, Tom Riley ( Monroe , Lost In Austen ).

In a world where thought and faith are controlled, one man fights to set knowledge free. The secret history of Leonardo Da Vinci's tantalising life reveals a portrait of a young man tortured by a gift of superhuman genius. He is a heretic intent on exposing the lies of religion. An insurgent seeking to subvert an elitist society. A bastard son who yearns for legitimacy with his father.

He finds himself in the midst of a storm that has been brewing for centuries. A conflict between truth and lies, religion and reason, past and future. His aspirations are used against him by the opposing forces of the time – luring him into a game of seduction where those who despise his intellect need him most.

There’s also a new edit of the trailer for you to enjoy:

[VAMS id="IGQds989GpTG1"]