Cthulhu's Crazy Nightmare Before Christmas

A mobile advent calendar with a monstrous twist

Fans of the meme-monster Cthulhu and other creations of cult horror novelist HP Lovecraft can get a little extra help in counting down to Christmas, thanks to a new mobile advent calendar app. The Cthulhu Christmas Calendar features 25 original pieces of artwork – one for each day in December until Christmas Day. Each image presents a mash-up of festive icons like Santa into the Cyclopean world of the great Cthulhu, the malevolent Mi-Go and the dark god Nyarlathotep.
Red Wasp Design has released the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. As well as featuring a new and original creation of art for each day, it also features quiz questions related to the images. Users will find out their “Mythos rating” on Christmas Day when their scores are revealed along with the final festive- horror image.

The app is available now from the App Store for iPad (£1.49), iPod Touch and iPhone (69p). It is also available for Android from the Android Market (69p).
There is more information on the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar page and you can chat about it with fellow cultists on its own Facebook page .

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