Craig's a winner!

He missed out on the Oscars and he's got another week to wait for the verdict on his BAFTA nomination, but no doubt Casino Royale star Daniel Craig will be happy for now - he's been named Best Actor by the Evening Standard for his role as James Bond.

At the Evening Standard British Film Awards ceremony in the Ivy, Craig was naturally delighted with the success. "This is tremendous. It makes you think that the success of the film might not be a fluke," he said. "We wanted to make an exciting and sexy Bond and tell a good yarn at the same time." Commenting on his own performance, he also said "I don't know if I'm ever entirely happy with my performances but I'm happy with the way this turned out," and on the subject of the next Bond film, he added "We made the first one good and we've got to make the second one even better."

Casino Royale was the only genre film to be recognised by this year's Evening Standard awards.

Source: Evening Standard