Conan Talks Sequels

"We're here to reboot this franchise..."

With Conan The Barbarian 3D set to hit in August, star Jason Momoa is already talking sequel opportunities.

“We’re here to reboot this franchise,” he exclusively tells SFX. “We’ve created the world.”

And he has his own thoughts as to where he’d like to take the sword-flaunting Cimmerian.

“We already know what Hyborea has to look like, right? We have a bountiful amount of stories from Robert E Howard and the comics, and we already have our Conan, so really it’s finding this epic story of who the villain is.

"I have a lot of ideas as to where I’d like to go with Conan. To find his loss and get to those places as an actor. How he reacts by living by his code, and also the people that he’s going to love and try to die for. I want to take him to those places. I want to go there as an actor and put him through the grinder, mentally as well as physically.”

Nick Setchfield
Editor-at-Large, SFX Magazine

Nick Setchfield is the Editor-at-Large for SFX Magazine, writing features, reviews, interviews, and more for the monthly issues. However, he is also a freelance journalist and author with Titan Books. His original novels are called The War in the Dark, and The Spider Dance. He's also written a book on James Bond called Mission Statements.