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Cloak And Dagger and The Punisher Could Be Heading To TV Too

In addition to The Hulk , two other Marvel Comic properties are in the early stages of development

Marvel’s new TV wing has clearly been busy, if The Hollywood Reporter ’s Heat Vision is to be believed. The blog reports that as well as The Hulk being prepped for a return to live action TV ( see here ), Cloak And Dagger could also be heading to ABC family, while The Punisher is being considered as a possible show for cable.

Cloak and Dagger are a male/female superhero duo created by Marvel in 1982; Cloak has powers of darkness and Dagger has powers of light, and they also are interdependent. The Punisher is a vigilante with big guns and a skull painted on his shirt who’s featured in two dire movies and one just-abou-bearable one.

According to Heat Vision, Marvel TV presented ABC with list of possible projects in May which included Heroes for Hire (featuring Power Man), The Eternals , Agents of Atlas , Moon Knight, Ka-Zar, Daughters of the Dragon and The Punisher . Interestingly, Cloak And Dagger was not on that list, but Hulk was.