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Check out our Tweets [UPDATED]

This blog (and the forum ) not enough for you? Well there's even more SFX online! And we're not talking about Facebook either, although do join us there too if you like. No, it's Twitter time . This is the future of rapid-fire communication, it seems, and SFX now has a feed.

Recent posts include such gems as:

"Merlin or Demons? Which one is better? There’s only one way to find out – FIGHT!"

"TV's Lost in popular culture - the best parodies and homages. Thanks io9 ."

" Actress Dakota Fanning may join Twilight sequel ."

" New Doctor Who 'Planet of the Dead' pics on the site. Not just the bog-standard BBC publicity ones, either!"

So if you want to get short sci-fi news items and glimpses into what's hot and what's not according to the folk at SFX Towers updated several times a day, visit .