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Bourne Director Set For Fantastic Voyage

Paul Greengrass is frontrunner for the James Cameron-produced remake of the '60s SF classic

Paul Greengrass, director the two Bourne movie sequels, is in talks to take the helm of the James Cameron-produced Fantastic Voyage , according to Variety .

The film will be a big, FX-driven 3D blockbuster remake of the '60s flick about a bunch of scientists who are miniaturised and injected inside the body of a dying man in an attempt to save his life. The new version will make use of CG and 3D technology Cameron developed for Avatar . The film seems a logical step for Greengrass, who started out as a documentary director in the UK, before gaining a reputation for movies about "serious" themes and hand-held camerawork, before being offered – and making a massive hit out of – the two Bourne sequels. Is Cameron hoping he may bring a grittier, more verite look to a blockbuster CG FX movie?