Blood on the Tracks

It’s not every day that an agent, a man usually tasked with attaching the right powerhouse client to the right film (and making lots of money in doing so) comes up with the idea for a comic book. But then, it’s somehow fitting that an agent would be struck with the idea for a vampire tale…

John Levin is that man, and he cooked up the basic idea for Blood on the Tracks, the story of a bloodsucker who haunts the New York subway tunnels on the hunt for his next victim. The police think it’s a human doing the slaying, but they soon discover that the prime suspect has been living in the tunnels for quite some time – back when the city was called New Amsterdam, in fact.

Levin took his notion to producer Barry Levine, who was in the process of setting up both a comic book label and a film production company to turn the titles into movies. With writer David Tischman creating the comic alongside artist Phillip Bond, scribe Neill Dela Llana and director Ian Gamazon will tackle the movie, which Rogue Pictures is backing. And it’s a real collaboration as opposed to a spin-off – the filmmakers helped develop the story…

There’s no start date set yet – but the movie will likely kick off shooting next year.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Author: James White