Back To The Live Action Time Travel Movie For Zemeckis

Back To The Future director to make his first non-motion capture film since 2000’s Cast Away

The film will a blockbuster release for Warner Brothers, with a script by Mike Thompson (who is most famous for co-writing Steinbeck's Point of View , an infamous spec script that was snapped up by Hollywood for a multi-millions, but is yet to be actually be made…). Little is actually known about the plot at the moment, except that it's about time travel. The film will be produced by Zemeckis and his digital production studio ImageMovers.

Zemeckis has spent the noughties making a series of ever-more-technically-accomplished motion capture films – The Polar Express , Beowulf , A Christmas Carol and the upcoming Yellow Submarine . You have to wonder whether it’s just coincidence that this return to live-action filmmaking coincides with Disney closing down ImageMovers' animation facility?

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.