Fuller Would Return to Dead Like Me

In a lengthy interview with Comic Book Resources Pushing Daisies supremo Bryan says that he would love to return to the world of his previous show, Dead Like Me.

"There were lots of ideas that I had for the Dead Like Me universe that never came to fruition,” he says of the comedy drama about an eclectic bunch of soul Reapers. “A lot of fun ideas, and I’d love to revisit that universe, because there are so many fertile sorts of stories that can be told there, not just necessarily with the George character, but with the whole universe of Grim Reaper mythology that I created for the show. There are a lot of things to explore within it, kind of like how Star Trek also had Deep Space Nine and Voyager and Next Generation. There is definitely a lot more to explore with the Dead Like Me franchise."

The show is returning as a straight to DVD movie this year, but Fuller is not involved.

"They never talked to me about the movie. They did it and I love the cast and I hope it does well. But I would absolutely return to Dead Like Me.”