Arrow Star's Cousin Cast As One Of The Tomorrow People

Having made a star out of one Amell, the CW look set to try to do the same with another. Robbie Amell, cousin of Arrow ’s Stephen Amell, has just been cast in a lead role in the pilot for The Tomorrow People .

Amell will play a character (confusingly) called Stephen, a tormented young man who longs to be normal and is relieved when he learns that he’s not crazy, but rather part of a group of genetically superior Tomorrow People (which seems pretty similar to the Stephen character who first developed his powers in the first episode of the ’70s show, providing the “audience identification” character).

Amell previously had a four-episode stint on Revenge and a three-episode stint on Alcatraz .

The cast also includes Peyton List ( Mad Men) and Australian actor Luke Mitchell ( Home and Away ).

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Dave Golder
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