Anime at uni

Thousands of anime and manga fans travel to Japan to get a taste of what the country is really like when it's not cel-shaded and 2D, and soon visitors will have another destination to add to their must-see list of sights - Tokyo's Meiji University, one of the oldest universities in Japan, has announced that it plans to convert a disused high school building into an anime and manga museum. The plans currently include a display of over 2.5 million exhibits, screening rooms, and a library, as well as the possibility of a dedicated research centre for both Japanese and international scholars specialising in anime and manga studies.

It won't be the first anime and manga museum in Japan - the Studio Ghibli museum has been open since 2001 and Kyoto Seika University opened a similar museum in 2006, which attracted over 30,000 foreign visitors in its first year - but with the building the university plans to use taking up an area of 91,000 square feet, it is set to be the world's largest such institution.

Source: Anime News Network