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Ally McBeal Creator Developing Wonder Woman TV Series

Warner Bros hires David E Kelley in an attempt to get a live action series made

Warner Bros want to bring a live action Wonder Woman back to the small screen, and reckons that Ally McBeal creator, David E Kelley is the man to do it.

According to Deadline , “The project, from Warner Bros Television where Kelley is based, and Warner Bros’ DC Entertainment, will be taken out to the networks shortly. Kelley had been interested in tackling a contemporary take on the World War II-era Amazon. He recently met with the DC team who also have been looking for ways to launch a new Wonder Woman TV franchise.”

The question is, what kind of Wonder Woman will it be? The trad, revealing red, blue and gold costume, invisible plane and spinning top transformation like the glitzy Linda Carter-starring ’70s series? Or something more practical modern like the recent, controversial makeover in the comics? Or something else completely? What would you like to see from a Wonder Woman TV show?