88 Pages Later

In 2002 Danny Boyle gave us his low budget it's-not-sci-fi-really-it-isn't horror film 28 Days Later. In a few months' time we're getting 28 Weeks Later, set six months after the events of the original film in which the US Army attempts to repopulate the now-desolate British Isles. But just before that, in April we'll be getting a comic that bridges the gap.

28 Days Later: The Aftermath is being written by Steve Niles, the man behind 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre, and illustrated by Dennis Calero, Diego Olmos and Nat Jones. It'll consist of four stories at 22 pages each (88 pages total - see, the headline makes sense now) and, as Niles has said in an interview with Newsarama, "it isn’t one story that fits like a puzzle piece in between the two films. What we tried to do was create a bridge that covers lots of cool stuff the first film didn’t elaborate on and carries the reader to the brink of the new movie." It's being released through FoxAtomic, the new comics division of Fox.

28 Weeks Later is released in the UK on 11 May.

Source: Newsarama